Peter the cameraman gives us the instruction ‘just act naturally…oh and if you could walk along the beach and look a bit more lovingly at each other that would be great’.  And so it was that we completed what seemed like quite a few rather awkward takes for a minute and a half TV news report.  The result though was a good piece and some great PR for Tasman Sea Salt – so a big thank you to the ABC. We understand that the report screened in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland on Sunday night and then again on the national lunchtime news on Monday but if you didn’t manage to catch it then see the link below.

And the accompanying online article.

So now that we’ve got production up and running (relatively) smoothly, the next stage is to get out there and tell the world about how good our salt is. Word of mouth is a really important marketing tool for us (and works really well with our limited/non-existent advertising budget!) so if you’ve tried our salt and liked it then please tell your friends and family about it. If you haven’t tried it then please find your closest stockist, or buy a box online, and give it a go – we promise it will make your food taste great. 

If you’d like to stock our salt or use it in your restaurant or cafe (or even manufacturing) business then please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.